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Bryan Coleman @ NAB Show 2019

I've been following the work and tutorials of Bryan Coleman for a couple years now. Bryan is a creative director, motion designer, and style-frame artist and uses Cinema4D as the foundation for the work he produces. I discovered Bryan through Maxon's YouTube channel as they've had him host a few sessions at NAB (The National Association of Broadcasters annual conference) where he shares his process.

This video is from 2019 and Bryan breaks-down segments of three projects of his. What I like about this video is he starts with something fairly simple, moves onto something more involved and ends with a larger-scale project he partnered on with a studio. Each segment looks fairly complex, but Bryan does a great job at demystifying it all, making it approachable and actionable. A few items I'm absolutely going to leverage for my own work are:

  1. Using a hair material on splines as way to generate thickness for mattes.
  2. Rendering black & white mattes for layering and adjusting later in After Effects. I have a bad habit of trying to accomplish too much directly in a single render in C4D rather than approaching my images in a compositing mindset.
  3. Using layers to be better organized in Cinema4D. I had no idea you could toggle several properties on/off for multiple objects by using layers, such a time saver!

Related: Bryan's session from NAB 2020 is more of a full-scene tutorial and definitely one to check out. I followed along, created a similar scene and learned a ton of helpful techniques.

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