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Font FAQ

What is a font license?

A license gives the buyer the right to use the font based on the terms of the licensing agreement. It does not include ownership of the font itself. Visit the Terms & License page to learn more about what's included.

Can I share my license with a client?

The license you buy is for you and your company depending upon the number of users you selected during purchase. For example, if you bought a license for 1-3 users that license can be used in your company by up to three individuals. If your client wants to access the font for their own usage they need to purchase their own license.

Can I upgrade my license?

Sure. Shoot me an email and I'll get you sorted out.

Can I modify the font files?

Modifying the actual font file(s) in any way is not permitted, however you are welcome to convert the font to outlines using a graphics program such as Adobe Illustrator as this is common practice in static typography and logo creation.

How do I embed the font on a webpage?

The included .woff and .woff2 files are the formats you use online. After uploading these to your site you can then use the CSS @font-face statement to link to the files. Once successfully linked you can then use the various font styling declarations such as font-family, font-size, etc to manage how the fonts display on your site. This article on CSS-Tricks is a great aid if you need additional help.

Do you offer refunds on your fonts?

Due to the nature of digital products there is no way to verify if the originally purchased file has been deleted or not, therefore refunds are not possible.

Do you offer discounts on your fonts?

Not at this time but it's something I might offer in the future.

Questions & Support

If you're having any issues with my fonts, feedback or ideas please feel free to email me or reach out to me on Twitter @philcoffman or @methodandcraft and I'll do my best to help.