Sr. Visual Designer at Fortnite

About Method & Craft

Written and produced by me, Phil Coffman, Method & Craft is an on-going collection of processes, resources, tips and techniques shared across a variety of creative industries. Topics include areas such as digital design, front-end and CSS techniques, typography, graphic design, illustration, 3D, motion graphics, art and more.

About Phil

I've been a designer since 2000 and love the process of learning from industry peers as well as creative professionals working in areas outside my wheelhouse. I geek out over someone showing a clever use of Figma's Auto Layout on YouTube as much as a worker in a motorcycle shop building a fuel tank from raw sheet metal. Whether or not what I'm watching directly applies to what I'm personally working on, invariably I either pick up a useful tip or technique I can tuck into my designer toolbelt or use that inspiration as creative fuel.

There is so much knowledge being shared online today. My purpose for this site is to collect what I find intriguing and provide a single destination for others to peruse and enjoy. This is an effort of one, curated from my perspective, so it can no way be the be-all-and-end-all of creative knowledge sharing. My hope is what I share inspires you, introduces you to new creators and new creative fields, and raises up those who have so generously shared their expertise.


Method & Craft is powered by Expression Engine and hosted by Dreamhost. The design was created in Figma, coded in Atom, and assets managed with Transmit. I leverage system fonts, Input Mono via Adobe Fonts and my own custom font Rebar for the type used on this site. Read more about the process of creating Rebar here.