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Everything Under One Roof

In March 2011 I launched Method & Craft, an online publication of design techniques and tips from some of the industry's top designers. It existed for a couple years before my life took enough turns to prohibit me from being able to maintain it properly anymore. Since then I, alone with some friends, tried to reboot it but the momentum always fizzled out. I officially said goodbye to all hopes of bringing it back about a year ago.

During those years I also had a few different iterations of a personal site. Years ago I blogged more often but when social media invaded my life I found it difficult to publish to the blog with any regularity. My hat is off to those who have been able to consistently plug away on one since the beginning (I'm looking at you Kottke and Daring Fireball). 

Even though these two endeavors struggled to maintain traction I never lost the desire to have an online place I could call my own. I also realized that my love for consuming creative processes, tips and techniques and sharing those with others (which is what prompted me to create Method & Craft in the first place) never died. If anything this passion has grown and expanded. Plus now, compared to 2011, the amount of knowledge-sharing has skyrocketed. There are so many creators willing to share and avenues for them to use to do so. Social media feeds, video and streaming channels, blogs and publishing platforms are full of great creative, actionable content.

What I want to do is provide a space to collect some of this great content and share what I find intriguing for others to enjoy. My hope is what I share inspires you, introduces you to new creators and creative fields, and raises up those who have so generously shared their expertise. You can find these posts here, you can subscribe to the RSS feed, and you can also get them by following @methodandcraft on Twitter. Feel free to reach out to me there or @philcoffman with any comments you may have.

Welcome to the new Method & Craft. I'm glad you're here.

— Phil

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