Sr. Visual Designer at Fortnite

GT Ultra

GT Ultra is the latest typeface from one of my favorite foundries, Grilli Type. GT Ultra sits somewhere between a serif and a sans-serif. It pulls on shapes and patterns of classic serifs and infuses them into a modern sans that is unique and something completely of it's own. 

Grilli Type excels not only at typeface design but also in the presentation of their fonts. Their font minisites are informative and beautiful; the one for GT Ultra being no exception. Definitely explore it for a deep-dive into GT Ultra's construction, offerings and how it came to be. 

In addition, Grilli Type's Instagram account is a must for all type fans and font creators. Their GT Academy was instrumental during my days building Rebar as they share a wealth of knowledge and font design wisdom. Check out this Guide they posted on Instagram as an example of what I'm talking about.

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