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Checklist Design

Mike Davidson shared on Twitter a link to a helpful resource for web and product designers called Checklist Design. An evolving and growing collection of best practices, Checklist Design is a site you'll want to bookmark and have on hand whenever you're working through your next design project and need to make sure you have the bases covered when knocking out tasks such as a pricing page, reset password flow or user avatar. In addition to handy lists to follow (some steps illustrated with example images) George went the next step and often includes links to accompanying articles, inspiration and online examples.

Checklist Design is made by George Hatzis, a designer and maker from Sydney, Australia who made it to help improve his workflow and reduce the number of pieces which can sometime fall through the cracks of the design process. After 20+ years of designing I still find corners of my design where I've missed steps or crucial components simply trying to remember everything from memory.

I love these kinds of resources and I'm excited to see this one grow in particular. This is a side project for George and you can help support his efforts by buying him a coffee

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