Sr. Visual Designer at Fortnite


The inimitable Dan Cederholm is back again with another wonderfully delightful font named Cartridge. Inspired by the typography from classic Atari game cartridges, Dan crafted a new sans-serif full of quirk and character. There is a lot to love in Cartridge's glyphset. Some of my favorites are the numbersign, ampersand, set of alternates and hidden 8-bit monster glyphs. But while the characters look great in isolation, they truly shine when set together. 

Dan has been steadily releasing typefaces and each are an example of his creative chops, but I'd say Cartridge demonstrates how his font-making skills have—pardon the pun—leveled up. Everything surrounding the release of Cartridge, from the marketing images, backstory and release video, show off just how much fun Dan is having making fonts. I'm looking forward to whichever font he has up his sleeve next.

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